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Chase Holden 17th Nov, 2011+0
He called my cell said he was a lawyer and demanded i call him back or have my lawyer call him asap so i called him he told me that i had been given a loan from cash america and never made a payment.So i was being sued for the money and if i wasn,t in sacramentto ca by 9am(i live atleast 3000m away) that there would be a warrent waiting for me at work the next day or i could send themthe money now and the rest on friday when i told him that i had proof that i didnt do this he said to bring it to court with me knowing that i was so far away i told him i thought it was a fraud and i was getting a lawyer and ging to the cops i have not heard from him again....he also new my email the last 4 digits of my ss# and the name of my bank.These people have to be stopped
Desert Doc MD,PsyD 8th Nov, 2011+0
This number was a missed call on my phone log of missed calls. However, when calling the number back it stated that this number was no longer in service.
nice guy 4th Nov, 2011+0
This John Smith left me several voicemails telling me to have my attorney return his call. I called him and he proceeded to tell me I was being sued. He was pushy rude and vulgar when I pressed him for information. He threatened me with filthy comments about what would be done to me if I was jailed so I had better settle with him. This man is creepy and shouldn't be aloud to breath. I was scared at first but then I called my Step Father who is a cop and he did some investigating about this number etc. and found this to be a big scam. My stepfather has been trying to call John Smith but the number isn't working. Bottom line-This guy is fake and we have reported him to the FBI and FTC. I'm not taking this crap anymore.
Krystyn Kirkness 24th Oct, 2011+0
they took 30.00 from my acct and i have no idea what service they provide. they were to refund it and 11 days later no refund. It was something about membership service. I didnt sign up for.
Alma 11th Oct, 2011+0
I just started getting calls from this number on my cell. It rings twice and hangs up. So far 5 calls from this number today!
Juniper Creek Farm 10th Oct, 2011+0
Called my cell phone...don't know who this is???
Eclipse 23rd Sep, 2011+0
said he was calling from quotewizard
joseph schmidt 29th Aug, 2011+0
called six times with no answer on other end....on seventh call, said they are a law firm which made a wild claim,
David. barreau 5th Aug, 2011+0
sent me 3 txt messages. and i got over charged on my phone bill wht the hell am i supposed 2 do!!!!!!!
JGreen 3rd Aug, 2011+0
Calling number plays a message about a debt ad that it is extremely urgent to call XXX-XXX-XXXX Real collection agencies are prohibited from leaving messages mentioning the word, "debt" - I am inclined to think this is a scam of some sort. I received this call on my cell phone and I am on the NDNC list.
boheme 31st Jul, 2011+0
once I heard someone speaking in Spanish. This time I heard nothing. When I called back it was automated and said lines were busy.
Dianis 30th Jul, 2011+0
calling on my daughters phone
christine stanford 3rd Jul, 2011+0
Some company is using this VoIP service (Voice over the Internet) to make long distance calls as if they were coming from a local Miami (FL) area, while they are really calling from another state. On their caller ID sometimes it reads Bank of America, but it will usually just show "unknown caller". Still not sure if its a sales, collector, or spam-phishing caller, since they never leave a message. The complain is because they keep calling every single day and never leave a message. Today I decided to answer and the guy on the other side asked for Mr/Ms ***. I said He/She was not here and asked who was calling, and he just said "this is just a courtesy call" and hanged up. If this was a serious business call, they would have left a message detailing the purpose of their call. Obviously they have no good intentions. Specially if they are trying to trick you into thinking it is a local call, when it isn't.
TheWidowMaker 2nd Jul, 2011+0
Calls at least 5x/day. If you answer the call, it says something along the lines of "this is an automated message..." and then hangs up. If you don't pick up, then its a VM from Vincent Lapinski from GSS.... GET HIM OFF THE PHONE LINES!!!
mashell 2nd Jul, 2011+0
call to my cell phone, unanswered as i was out while phone was charging.

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